July 15-18

Awesome weekend continues . . . at 8pm on Saturday (after I slept in until 2pm) Hasegawa-san picked me up from the lab and we took of for a 5 hour trip to the most northern region in Hokkaido (and in Japan I guess?) for Ito fishing. <<Ito is a huge salmonid in its own family. It has evolved into a sit and wait predator (unlike most other salmonids), and behaves more like a bass. Unfortunately it is also very rare in Hokkaido and is a slow maturer . . . yet they still allow people to fish for it . . .>> So we drove until about 1am, slept in the car until 3am and then drove right to the stream to start fishing. There we met up with 4 other members of the Hokkaido Fishing Team (Hasegawa is a member). We split into two groups and started fishing.

Little did I know what to expect . . . a ton of mosquitos (at least 20 around you at all times . . . so we wore sweet bug nets), a small stream, with deep holes (high water levels), and slick banks made of clay. It was unbelievably difficult to maneuver, let alone cast, in some areas. In any case, fishing was exactly like bass fishing, rubber jigs, minnow baits, spinner baits, etc.. The only problem is that I am used to fishing in a wide-open lake, so my accuracy was a bit of an issue . . . I lost 4 really expensive lures on the first day. After several hours, I sort of got better and actually hooked up with an Ito. Unfortunately the rest of the day (8 more hours of fishing) went rather uneventful for me, except for the continuous falling into the river, the sliding over stumps, and the grabbing of sharp or prickly vegetation.

That evening we set up a couple tents at a nearby campground in the town of Sarufutsu (the river shared the same name). The guys made something similar to gumbo (Japanese gumbo!?!) and it was really spicy and extremely tasty, so I was a happy little fisherman. That night we went to bed around 8pm and then got up at 330am (when it gets light) to start all over again.

The next two days were very similar to the first: I fell in a couple more times, I tore up my hands, lost some lures, and I caught Ito each day.

In total there were 14 Ito caught all weekend. I guess that is a pretty good number as they are relatively rare and hard to catch. I ended up with three pretty small ones: 7, 12, and 18 inches. The largest ones caught were 26, 28, and 32 inches . . . pretty big fish.

Here are the pics of fishing and associated road trip


One Response to “July 15-18”

  1. erin Says:

    Bobby! I miss you so much! When are you coming home!?!?

    First… the pic of you holding the waders and the puddle of water made me laugh so hard. It was actually my imagination (although I am sure it is fairly accurate) of hearing you yell while dumping the water that really cracked me up.

    Second… and most importantly… I am hoping that there is a setting on your camera that is off calibration. That would make me feel much better than to think that you are wearing an orange shirt and red shorts. You need Lynnie back in your life, stat!!!


    Thanks for making me smile!!! 🙂

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