July 7

Most productive day in the lab yet. I finished my abstract, intro, and methods of the manuscript. In addition I made 3 posts on the blog. What a demon. Also, the best thing was that at 3pm, Alex, Emilie, and I went to Mister Donut so that Em could redeem her coupons for the bag I have been talking about (it is not a dog leaving a poo, it’s a lion without its mane . . . you be the judge.) There are some really funny pictures of this event, and just to warn you, I have begun growing a mustache. Not because I think it would be cool, but because I need to have a distinguishing symbol for cell phone texts. Alex is a runner about to run up Mt. Fuji (he will actually do that later this month) and Emilie is the only girl in the texting circle so she gets the female icon. That leaves me with the only American-looking male icon; however, as you can see the guy has a mustache . . . so . . . I’m growing it out. <<As a side, the desire to grow and keep the stache has only intensified as I have started carrying around a murse . . . that’s right a man bag . . . I know. In any case, for the first several weeks I was carrying around my camera in its carrying case, and then had my Costanza wallet, passport, proof of insurance card, notebook for Japanese phrases, and cell phone all in my pockets. As I would ride around on my bike, everything was falling out of my pockets . . . so I innocently started putting the important things (wallet, phone, and passport/insurance card) in the camera bag. Then I started swinging the camera bag over my shoulder . . . and the rest is history.>>

Pictures taken at Mister Donut

That evening Alex, Emilie, Uli, and I played some cards, used my sake set geiven to me by the Akita’s and watched Zoolander. Overall a pretty relaxing night, but we went to bed rather late.


One Response to “July 7”

  1. erin is pretty Says:

    A stache AND a murse… holy crap, you are sounding like such a hottie!!! Why are you half way around the world and so irresistable!?!?

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