July 3-5

Exhausting days. Each day I met Hasegawa-san at the lab around 7am and we headed out to his field sites that are about 1.5 hours southeast of Sapporo. The sampling itself was awesome as we sampled 9 sites in the three days with a backpack shocker. Very productive. The data we collected also seemed pretty good, as Hasegawa-san seemed pretty excited with the results. Unfortunately, when you are studying the relationship between native and introduced species, you often don’t want your hypothesis to come true.

This field session also provided me with the opportunity to see some pretty nice White-Spotted Char, which are very beautiful fish. Unfortunately, I accidentally erased all the field pictures I took in that three-day stretch, so I will have to get more pics next week (we are going out for 3 more days).

Of course Tuesday was the 4th, so I did have a little celebration with the gang. First, I got back to the lab around 7:30PM and then I booked it home to get ready for dinner at 9ish. . . which of course was at McDonald’s (Macodoranado)! So to celebrate our nation’s independence, I had a Big Mac meal, Alex had some sort of shrimp sandwich meal, and Emilie had a double cheesburger. Great times. After dinner we went to DAIIIIIIIIICHI for desert. I got some sort of fish ice cream sandwich which actually had bean paste in addition to ice cream . . . and you know what . . . beans and ice cream do go together. What a country. After our healthy American dinner and Japanese desserts, we went back to the international apartment complex and started lighting some fireworks. (The night before I picked up some bottle rockets and those crazy little winged fireworks that rotate really fast and then of course Emilie got some weak sparklers). The fireworks show started off great with the winged thingys, but when we started lighting the bottle rockets (and some guy started throwing some devastatingly loud firecrackers at us from an apartment above) we caught some slack from the neighbors regarding the time of night and our high decibels (we kept going for a little while . . . true American spirit . . . but eventually we stopped with the noisemakers around 10pm). So it was a good thing after all that Emilie got the weak, boring sparklers. It turns out that if you set your camera for a prolonged exposure, you can get some awesome picks of sparkler usage. I went to bed relatively late that night as Alex, Emilie, and I played some three-person, rockin cribbage.

Pics of 4th of July celebrations

The morning of the 5th was unkind, but I stuck it out and Hasegawa-san and I put in a 13 hour day . . . man do I love field work. If it weren’t for the impending darkness, I think we could have done 2 more sites . . .we were rollin.


One Response to “July 3-5”

  1. erin Says:

    Well… duh… no wonder he is your favorite! He is my favorite too!!! I have to admit all the talk about fish and baseball was causing me to loose interest, but a little Sean Paul and a few pics of beautiful baseball players and I am right back in it! Nah… I love reading about your adventures, and I am happy to hear that you are representing America so well (okay, maybe not well, but definitely accurately… I heard bottlerockets for 4 days straight!) 🙂 This is fun. I miss you!

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