June 30

June 30

Worked a little on my journal manuscript in the morning, and then went with Alex and Emilie to Mister Donut for lunch . . . that’s right, donuts for lunch. I think the world would be a much better place if everyone ate donuts for lunch. One of the major attractions of going to this establishment is that you get merchandise tickets for every 300 yen you spend. Once 8 tickets are collected you can turn them in for prizes. The prizes for this month are some pretty awesome bags, one of which is absolutely hysterical . . . it has a dog on one side of the bag, and a little poop on the other side . . . in between are the words (in English), ‘haven’t you forgotten something?’ SO GOOD. Pics of this to come shortly . . .

At 5:30 that evening everyone in the lab got together and we headed out to the UliBob Bash. This was Uli and my welcome to Japan Party put on by the lab. We went to a very nice restaurant/pub where we had a private room for about 15 people. The food was really good, and the sake was even better. I again thoroughly enjoyed the squid; however, I think I may have found something I like even more . . . raw scallops. Really sweet and delicious. Another extremely cool thing was that they brought out all of the sashimi in a pirate ship . . .

After dinner, Uli, Emilie, and I went down to the district called Susukino, where we would eventually meet up with Alex (he was at a bbq with his labmates) at the Gaijin Bar. There were some decent pictures taken on our walk there, and also one rockin’ video of a couple kids dancing in the street. After throwing a few back at the Gaijin Bar (and meeting Alex), we went to another bar closer to our apartments to watch Uli’s German footballers play Argentina in the World Cup quarterfinals. It was a really exciting game with a pretty dramatic ending. I have to say, watching it with someone who has a vested interest in the outcome, makes it pretty fun. Went to bed late, but it was hard to get to sleep as I was so excited about my plans for the next day . . .

Pics of the UliBob and walk to Susukino


One Response to “June 30”

  1. erin Says:

    That pirate ship is awesome!!! Why don’t we serve food like that here!?!? Boring America!!!

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