June 29

Another dullish day at the lab, so I took off early (~2PM) and went exploring. First I decided to go to the JR Tower, which is a 182-meter (about 600 feet) tall structure with an observation area on the 32-floor. As soon as you step off the elevator you are looking at a great view north of the city. It is a circular room with windows looking out to all directions from the city. Below I have a slideshow that runs from north to west to south to east to north (what a dork). In the northern pictures you can see the ocean in the distance, pretty awesome. I would also like to point out that in the southeastern picture you can see the Sapporo Dome, where the Nippon Ham Fighters play baseball. I am heading there on July 1st and am very much looking forward to it. Also awesome were the bathrooms . . .I guess they didn’t want you to miss any of the spectacular views for an instant.

Spectacular views from the JR Tower

After the JR Tower I wandered around the huge mall in the subway station trying to read all of the signs. Here, I got a funny video of what is called a Kaetensushi, or, for a lack of a better translation, a rotating sushi bar. Very funny. I will have to try it one of these days.

Next, I traveled to another Hyaku-en store and then finally to the huge Wal-Mart type store before heading home.

It was kind of nice to wander around without help, as I am really trying to be self-sufficient. I think my conversation needs a lot of work, but I seemed to manage pretty well this time. Next step, ordering food without help . . .


One Response to “June 29”

  1. erin Says:

    So, I have this vision of you seeing the rotating sushi bar, and chuckling to yourself… then saying, “I have GOT to get this on video!!!” Then pulling out your very “American tourist” camera and taping this rotating sushi bar. My image ends with funny Japanese people looking at you an thinking to themselves, “I have GOT to get this guy on video!!!” I am expecting a video of you taping the rotating sushi bar to pop up on one of those internet funny sites! Ahhh… makes me so happy!!! 😀

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