June 26-28

FYI, I have updated pictures in the previous post relating to Bess’s party, my fishy lunch (hilarity), and one pic at the Hyaku-en store.

June 26

At 10 AM, I left the lab with Hasegawa-san to travel to his first field site. On the way we stopped at a lunch café to get some ramen. Pretty good stuff. We arrived at the stream around 12 PM, and then walked about 30 minutes to his first sampling reach. Within the first 5 minutes of sampling we shocked up this huge brown trout from underneath an undercut bank. Frickin sweet, except that it is an invasive species, and that we didn’t find any native trout within the reach. This site was very close to the confluence with the main branch of the Chitose River, so the habitat conditions were a bit more favorable for the invasive bt (brown trout). Another awesome finding was that the stream was full of native, freshwater lampreys. I believe they are called Far Eastern brook lampreys (Lampetra reissnari). The spawning-season for these lampreys was wrapping up; however, we caught some females that were still full of eggs, and I also got some good video footage of a male brook lamprey making a spawning redd (nest). He used oral disk attachment to move rocks out of the nest and also to sweep away pebbles from the nest. For video sweetness click on the respective actions. I also have pictures of the sampling day linked below, but I want to warn you that if you are afraid of fish or squeamish, you might not want to look (there are stomach contents of a brown trout in one of the pics).

Pictures of sampling Day 1


June 27-28

Not much going on these days, as the weather has been bad and Hasegawa-san was feeling a bit sick. No field work and all laboratory work makes Bobby a dull boy . . .

One highlight is that Uli (my advisor from EMU) arrived late on the 26th, and we got to hang out a bit on the 27th. The evening of the 27th, Uli invited Alex, Emilie, and me to dinner where he made tofu with dried bonito flakes and very good dumplings for appetizers and then spaghetti for dinner. Quite a multiethnic feast. I helped make some of the stuff . . . but in Bobby fashion I was in charge of browning the meat and somehow the burner turned off, so I was stirring everything around and nothing was happening . . . the kitchen is not my place evidently. Other than that, a pretty dull couple of days.


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